Sunday, February 12, 2017

MMH A Lady No More Ch. 11 Has been Posted


I have posted MMH ALNM Ch.11
Hope you enjoy it.



  1. Theres a few things I dont understand. Like why public opinion matters in a court case. Theres a few other questions I hope you can answer soon

  2. It gives Martin a reason to keep dressing in the story line. Money defines the gray areas.

  3. Aren't they trying to get the public to raise up against these stupid laws, and give some dignity to those that are suffering from them. Gaining support from the public maybe the plan for Sarah to show how Martin is a victim and should be compensated by being able to make his own decision's on how to live his life.

  4. I am starting to wonder if you are okay. You havent responded to emails in many weeks, or updated your site. I hope you are okay and think you must be very very busy. I hope you can find some little time just to update us on your situation and condition

  5. Sad that Rikki seems to have abandoned this blog

    1. the problem is that Rikki has lost the sign in info she needs to have access to this account and the blog. So it has been abandoned and she has created a new blog.
      She should use her new account to leave a final message here. IT would have to be a comment but it would explain the situation for us all.
      But thats what she told me